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Your business profile is designed to provide the ODIS advisors enough information about your business to help with the assessment of business readiness to supply to defence. It is recommended that the SME provide answers to all questions prior to requesting assistance engagements.



1. On completion of sign up to the DBRT, you will be automatically directed to the Business Profile Question set If you have clicked away from the business profile, you can select the Business Profile link from your Dashboard
2. Select Dashboard from the main menu dashboard
3. Select Business Profile user_bus_profile
4. Select Edit profile_edit
5. Populate all Business Profile questions on the form, Questions marked with a ‘*’ are required to support any assistance requests
6. Select the Save button save

You can tell if your Business Profile is incomplete by the button being coloured red in on your Dashboard

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Last updated on 12 Feb 2024 at 10:18