Attaching a file in an Assessment

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Attach File

The DBRS Assessments allow you to attach files as reference information that may be requested from an ODIS Advisor. Attaching a file is undertaken though the notes functionality.

To attach a file in an assessment, the following actions can be undertaken.


1. Access your active assessment via the Self assessment or Assessments button on your Dashboard
2. Identify Question that requires a note
3. Add note details to Add new note field (e.g. “File attached”) note_added
4. Select the + button. This step adds the Note to the assessment Add
5. Select the Paper Clip icon from the newly created note, a file selector window will appear attachment
6. Select the File you wish to attach and,
7. Select Open fileupload
8. Select Save. This step updates the assessment to Save and include any new content and responses Save

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