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The DBRT system allows users to manage communications and notifications via a opt-in or opt-out capability, Email communications and notifications are sent to user’s emails address from the DBRT system, The Opt-in or Opt-Out feature allows users to select which level of communications or notifications they wish to receive.

The types of email notifications that you receive will depend on the option selected.

There are two options for email notifications:

  • All: Delivers all system emails related to your user account.
  • Account: Delivers a reduced amount of emails related to your user account. All other emails are considered Unsubscribed.

Email Types

Email Unsubscribe
Account Creation No
New Ticket Received No
Message received from a ticket Yes
Password Expiry Alert No
Password Expired No
Forgot Password No
Ticket Created No
Ticket Closed No
Off Ramp Survey No


You can Unsubscribe from emails by two methods:

  • Select your preferred option in your “My Account” page and select Save
  • Select ‘Unsubscribe’ from an email

To Unsubscribe from an Email

1. Select Unsubscribe from the footer. Unsubscribe
2. Select Confirm from the confirmation page. Unsubscribe-confirm

To Unsubscribe from My Account settings

1. Go to your Email Message settings in your “My Account” email notifications
2. Select Edit Edit
3. Select the appropriate email setting email notifications
4. Select Save Save

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