Password Troubleshooting

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User lockouts can be due to a number of factors including forgotten passwords, expired passwords, security measures, or network issues. This article aims to identify the underlying causes of user lockouts and offer practical strategies for resolution.

Rejection of New User Passwords

Incorrect Password

  • Stringent password policies are essential for ensuring robust security measures. It’s imperative to verify compliance with minimum password length requirements and the use of a randomized combination of numbers, symbols, and characters.

Expired Password


  • Many systems implement password expiration policies as a fundamental security practice. Failure to update passwords within the designated timeframe can result in account lockouts.

Excessive Password Attempts


  • Repeated incorrect password entries can trigger automated lockout mechanisms, safeguarding against unauthorised access.

Detection of Suspicious Activity

  • Security protocols are designed to detect and respond to unusual or suspicious behavior, often resulting in temporary or permanent lockouts to mitigate potential security breaches.

Actions to Take When Locked Out

Undertake Password Recovery Procedures

  • In cases of forgotten passwords, utilise the password recovery options provided by the system to regain access to your account.


Troubleshoot One-Time Links

  • One-time links are sensitive to misuse, and if the system detects potential abuse, the link may be rendered inactive. If encountering issues with a one-time link, promptly contact Technical Support for resolution.


Contact Technical Support

  • For lockouts stemming from password expirations or malfunctioning one-time links, promptly reach out to Technical Support for assistance. Provide pertinent details, including error messages and recent activities leading to the lockout.

  • Consult the Creating a Technical Request user guide for detailed guidance.

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